Atlanta Netflix Favorites

I absolutely love to stumble across a film set in Atlanta! I usually pass about one set a week and always walk up if someone is around to ask what they are filming. Sometimes the crew will tell you what is being filmed- the best ones that I have ended up walking by were sets of Ozark, Dynasty, and a Marvel film.

On the other hand, I love watching something on TV and realizing that it was filmed in my neighborhood! The other night, Ry and I were watching Instant Family on Hulu (such a good movie- it’ll give you all the warm and fuzzies!), and I literally screamed when I realized they were standing right in Piedmont Park. Maybe one day the novelty will wear off, but for now I am loving living in the Hollywood of the south.

Since everyone is stuck at home right now, I thought I would share a few of my Atlanta Netflix favorites!

My favorite Atlanta Shows:

The reboot of Dynasty is one of my favorite shows, second only to Gossip Girl. It’s about the wealthy Carrington family, and it has a lot of drama- I think it’s actually considered a soap opera. The fact that it was filmed in Midtown is one of the reasons I love it so much! When I first moved to Atlanta, I dragged my poor father on a tour just to see all of the film spots. Places that I walk by every single day are on the show!

I actually got the chance to witness not one, but two film sets of Dynasty in Midtown at local restaurants. Shortly after moving down, I walked by them filming at The Rowdy Tiger, and again another day at Ecco Midtown. Unfortunately I didn’t see much as it was a closed set (despite stopping by during my lunch breaks and after work), but it was so exciting to be that close to the show!

I did, however, get the lucky chance to meet Grant Show and his family in Whole Foods one Sunday! I literally lost my mind- he must’ve thought I was insane. I had to google him just before getting up the nerve to say hi to be sure it was him! I followed him, literally speechless, all the way from frozen froods to the milk section before his wife (who also appeared on the show) asked if I wanted a picture. It was one of the best experiences of my life- although I think it was one of the weirder ones for him, as I mentioned my stalking of the two aforementioned film sets, and babbled for a full ten minutes about how much I loved the show. Just look at the picture- I was in total awe. (And of course, I had to meet him after a kickball game when I was in my sweats- ugh!)

Love Is Blind
I have a love/hate relationship with Love Is Blind. I love the concept of falling in love with someone on a deeper level than physical attraction, but the people on the show themselves can really irritate me, haha! The show is filled with drama- it’s such a cliche, but I truly can’t look away when this show is on.
I mostly love watching it for the Atlanta aspect- all of the contestants are from Atlanta, and the show was entirely filmed in Georgia, except for the trip to Mexico at the Grand Velas Resort. Some of the opening credits even show my apartment building! The pod section was filmed in a studio in Georgia, and the apartment scenes are “guessed” to be filmed at Spectrum on Spring apartments in Midtown. It’s wild to me that these people are technically my neighbors- I almost lived in that building! The weddings themselves were also filmed in Atlanta at two locations: The Estate and Flourish. (Am I taking notes for the future? Maybe.)

Being Mary Jane
Right now I’m in the middle of watching Being Mary Jane, and I actually didn’t realize it was filmed in Atlanta until the fifth episode! It doesn’t show Atlanta as much as Dynasty, but sometimes you catch references to local Atlanta hotspots.
It’s probably the heaviest of all the shows I listed- I like it when I’m in the mood for a show that will make me think, rather than just drama. It’s about a successful cable newscaster looking for love and a family. The show has a prominent storyline about race, and has many episodes about mental health, stigmas, ethics, and more- it really challenges perspectives. It can get a bit heavy- think a little heavier than Gilmore Girls, but not quite This Is Us.
Most scenes of the show take place at Mary Jane’s home, which is the Ridgewood House in Buckhead. It’s a famous 5,000 square feet home with a pool shaped like a martini shaker- it has even been featured in Usher’s “Lemme See” video. Many famous actors have stayed at the house while filming in Atlanta, like Ryan Gosling and Liam Hemsworth.

Other shows that feature Atlanta:
The Walking Dead
Real Housewives of Atlanta
Chrisley Knows Best
Property Virgins

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