With the risk of the virus, I decided the best thing to do this weekend was stay home. Saturday turned out to be the most beautiful day in Atlanta this year- 75 and sunny. Ryan and I wanted to make the best of it, and turned our social distancing into a staycation! 

We decided to play tennis on my rooftop tennis court, cook out, and hit the rooftop pool. 

Ry and I are both super terrible at tennis- neither of us have played since high school. However, we love it because tennis is a great way for us to stay active while doing something together. Plus, we can get better as a team- it’s fun to have something in common that we are the same skill level at. 

For lunch we decided to grill on the roof- the summer weather had me craving a good ol fashioned cookout! We had hot dogs with my favorite boxed pasta salad- Betty Crocker’s Suddenly Pasta Salad. I grew up eating this pasta salad with hot dogs by the pool, and our lunch felt like summer. Of course, we also had to have some Corona Beers (I couldn’t resist), and I made us homemade lemonade. 

We sat by the pool in the afternoon and then made dinner together, and ate on my balcony. It was the perfect spring night. I love cooking with Ryan- we turn the country music up and dance around as we cook. We made chicken parmesan (my recipe is here!)- it was so good.

Ryan and I ended up having the best weekend- it was a great way for us to slow down and reconnect. We did have plans in Atlanta this weekend that got cancelled due to concerns over the virus, but decided the best course of action was to stay home. A lot of people are having mixed feelings about whether social distancing is necessary, but I felt for us that it was better to be cautious. My heart hurts at the thought of possibly passing a virus on to someone that could be high-risk. While Ryan and I aren’t high-risk, there’s always a chance we could pass the virus on to someone who is.

Did you decide to stay at home this weekend? What are your favorite ways to beat the social distancing blues? 

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