Taking Professional Pictures with Ryan

Ryan and I celebrated our three year anniversary this August, and I wanted to commemorate with something special…professional pictures! I just Iove pictures- for framing, scrapbooking, instagram (no shame!), and now this blog!

I had my senior photos taken by my friend and a wonderful photographer, Jeremy Gross. His work was so incredible that I decided to request another session-just for me and Ryan!

A few friends thought we were a little crazy, but I knew that years down the line I would treasure these memories and photos. It’s already only been a few months since we had them taken, and I already am so glad we had them done. I especially loved them when Ry and I were long distance- I would look at them and smile, even when I missed him so much.

I absolutely adore these pictures- they are framed all over my apartment and desk at work. I can already see the difference in Ryan and I – I already think we look a little older (and tanner- ugh!) than we did six months ago! The pictures are extra-special to me, too, because they were taken at UD (roll hens!).

I’m hoping to take pictures like these every three years- I can just see us looking back at them all when we are old and cherishing them!

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