Ryan and I love to go to brunch after church on Sunday’s, and today we were so excited about the warm weather that we just had to sit outside! There are a lot of great brunch spots in Midtown, but the best deck for brunch in Midtown is at Henry’s. Today we went and then took a walk around Midotwn after because the weather was so nice!

The deck surrounds trees covered in string lights, and it’s really big. The fact that Henry’s can accommodate so many people outside is so important- when the weather is nice on the weekend in Atlanta, you can always expect a wait. I’ve found that the wait at Henry’s wait is always one of the shorter ones- we called around almost five places today looking for an open table outside, and Henry’s was the only spot without a wait. 

I love to sit outside and people watch, and Henry’s is a great place for it- whether you are watching people walk around Midtown, or checking all the dogs on the patio. Henry’s is famous for its dogs- I’ve never been there and not seen at least five! They even have an Instagram caption #dogsofhenrys for photos. 

When I go to Henry’s I usually have to make the tough choice between Henry’s breakfast or a burger (gouda grits or parmesan fries is a tough choice!), but I have to get a mimosa. They are just about the cheapest in Midtown at only $3 each! 

The only downside about Henry’s is that the service is hit or miss- expect to wait a few minutes between server visits to your table, and I’ve had a few trips where orders were a little off. They get so busy and serve so many people that it can be hard for the servers to keep up. But- they always accommodate if something gets messed up, and the waitstaff is one of the friendliest in Midtown. 

The bottom line: If you are craving a $3 mimosa in the sunshine surrounded by dogs in Atlanta, this is the place for you!

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